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Each and every day millions of guests frequent retail and restaurant locations, looking for the newest trends, or best hot spots. These locations have been and will continue to be a driving force in increasing sales through enhanced guest experiences and proper branding. An immersive audio visual experience can further enhance this experience and can in certain circumstances improve the quality of a shopping or dining trip. Dynamic digital signage paired with the proper audio system and selection of music can set the tone, while delivering content in an exciting manner, helping increase sales and client retention.


From installing acoustical panels in a noisy dining room to adding sound masking to separate key shopping zones in a retail environment, Advance Sound Company has the knowledge and skills to address an opportunity and create a solution.


With over forty years of experience, our team at Advance Sound Company has worked with architects, engineers, and consultants to ensure our clients get the right system, right from the start. It does not matter if you are starting with a blank canvas or an existing location, Advance Sound Company has the tools to work on your schedule. Existing locations can operate with the piece of mind that after hours work will commence once your last guest has left and will end prior to the day’s opening without a trace.

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