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When it comes to your sermon, you want your message to be heard, and what better way to spread the word than with a new audio system from Advance Sound Company.


Whether it’s a simple service for a handful of congregates or a crowded holiday observance, proper sound is vital to involved worship. People want to, and must be able to, follow the service and hear the message. This is a challenge considering how every church, synagogue, and mosque has its own sound requirements based on the size and architecture of the building, and also on a variety of performance settings found within. Creating systems that go beyond blending in with the deco, that truly meets the diverse uses of these inspirational spaces calls for the kind of thorough needs analysis, quality workmanship and professional demeanor that is Advance Sound Company’s stock in trade. We have installed sound systems in the sanctuaries of numerous houses of worship. An installation is not considered finished until you are assured that everyone from the first row to the last pew in the back, will hear the sermon, homily, group prayer, choir, and music clearly and accurately.


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