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Advance Sound Company is the preeminent K-12 systems integrator, focusing on technological innovative, reliable, and repeatable solutions. In Advance Sound Company's storied 45 year history, each and every day somehow leads back to our core roots in Public Address Systems. It is important to get your message across the right way, and Advance Sound Company will make sure your message is loud and clear. Whether it's for a general assembly or an emergency lock-down, you can count on your system to function as designed.



  • Easy to install, expand and use
  • Nyquist System Controller (NQ-SYSCTRL) pre-loaded with the OS and E7000 application software
  • Wizard-based System Setup and Configuration via the NQ-SYSCTRL
  • Accessible – administrators, technicians, and other key users can access the system 24/7 on web-enabled devices – desktop or mobile – anywhere in the connected world
  • Scalable – easily add features, stations, and facilities with virtually unlimited scalability
  • Compatible with legacy intercom infrastructure, including re-use of existing analog speakers, call switches and cabling (with use of the Analog Station Bridge appliance)
  • SIP device and SIP trunk support (IP-PBX, VoIP phones, and VoIP speakers)
  • Available integrations with PBXs, security systems, access control systems, time systems, and third-party PA systems
  • Emergency Classroom Check-In allows staff to report their check-in status for their assigned classrooms or areas during an emergency using any intercom call switch or Nyquist VoIP phone
  • NQ-GA10PV-Based Clock / Messaging Display allows different priority messages to be displayed on monitors connected to NQ-GA10PVs in a selected zone, multiple zones, or to specific individual GA10PV stations
  • User-Definable Routines is a powerful new feature that helps schools address: Lockdowns, Severe Weather Events, Fire Drills, Evacuation Procedures, Automated Notifications, and much more
  • Map-based paging and intercom user interface with hierarchical drill-down views
  • Live, pre-recorded and text-to-speech announcement options**
  • Station and appliance supervision with email and dashboard alerts
  • Call monitoring and recording capability
  • Feature-rich audio management and distribution
  • Networked audio distribution supporting multiple simultaneous streams to different zones
  • Easy, intuitive song and playlist management (local and streaming sources)
  • Integrated airable Internet Radio program source supports unlimited streams with easy navigation of the extensive catalog by Genre, Language, Location, Quality, Popularity and Title/Artist search
  • Integrated SoundMachine subscription-based premium streaming music service provides access to professionally curated stations that can be mixed to create the perfect audio atmosphere for any environment
  • Separate zone volume controls for paging versus audio distribution
  • Creating and managing multiple bell/event schedules is simple and intuitive
  • Ability to schedule recurring announcements
  • Scheduled Audio distribution from any source including Internet Radio, SoundMachine, playlists, or Nyquist appliances with line-inputs
  • Nyquist 2-Ch. and 4-Ch. Networked Audio Amplifier support available with six different power modules (NQ-A2060/2120/2300, and NQ-A4060/4120/4300)
  • Pro-Audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) embedded in all Nyquist Networked Amplifiers and the NQ-P0100 Matrix Mixer Pre-Amp
  • Ambient Noise Sensing monitors ambient noise and automatically adjusts page announcement and/or background music volume to maintain intelligibility (requires the use of NQ-GA10P module)
  • Page Stacking/Queuing software provides increased flexibility and versatility over legacy dedicated hardware-based multi-channel page stacker/feedback eliminators
  • Record pages to queues from either the NQ-T1100 Admin phone menu button, Admin Web Interface, or via manual dialing
  • Pink noise and white noise to assist with setting-up paging zone volume

*When supported by the facility’s infrastructure. With iOS devices, the dashboard is not available but all other features are accessible and operational via the menu.

** Text-to-speech requires an additional license


Virtually Unlimited Scalability

E7000’s software can expand as the user’s needs expand. The system can accommodate an infinite number of stations and facilities.


Easy and Economical to Install

E7000 integrates with the facility’s existing cabling. The Analog Station Bridge appliance leverages existing analog speakers and call switches. Many E7000 endpoint appliances are PoE devices. With E7000 there are no bulky racks to build, simply install the E7000 server software then plug in the endpoint devices and appliances. All E7000 appliances are auto discovered by the server to facilitate fast and easy system set up.


Easy Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Administrators, educators, and support staff are going to love E7000! Users interface with the system either through E7000 VoIP Admin or Staff phones, or via a browser-based GUI (Fig.1) on PCs, smart phones and tablets, allowing users to access the system any time of day no matter where they are in the connected world.


The core principle of E7000’s user interface is simplicity. Its functions and design are shaped by the needs of the user to reduce distractions and improve operator response time and accuracy. Form follows function, resulting in an interface that is functional, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing.


The system’s GUI allows people with a broad spectrum of technical proficiencies and experience levels to use the system. Large and clear buttons, along with simple and clear text makes E7000 easy to use even on touch screen and mobile devices. Embedded tooltips and guides aid in user self-sufficiency. Technical administrators can assign individual users permissions appropriate to their role and proficiency.


*When supported by the facility’s infrastructure. With iOS devices the dashboard is not available, but all other features are accessible and operational via the menu.




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